Client Builder

Automated Digital Renewal System

Preparing and sending out renewal letters is an essential part of retention. That doesn’t mean CSRs need to spend a lot of time doing it. ClientBuilder improves efficiency by automating time-consuming renewal tasks so CSRs have time to create more rewarding customer experiences.

Go Paperless & Save

Save money on the cost to print and mail renewal letters by sending them straight to your clients’ email inboxes.

Process Renewals Faster

Prepare renewal letters in a fraction of the time it takes your CSRs to do it manually with automated workflows for auto, home, and commercial renewals.

Mitigate E&O Exposure

Easily keep track of when you send out renewal letters to clients as well as when they receive and open them.

Welcome Email Series

Onboard new clients and make them feel welcome without lifting a finger using ClientBuilder’s engaging Welcome Series of automated emails.

Improve Accuracy

Eliminate the errors and lack of consistency that come with manual preparation of renewal docs using automation that pulls policy data from your BMS.

Follow-Up on Claims

Let policyholders know you care about about their claims experience by automatically sending follow-up emails and surveys when they file a claim.


Send Pre-Renewal Letters By Email

Eliminate the postal “middle man” by emailing renewal letters directly to clients. The cost savings on postage and printing more than pays for ClientBuilder.

Set It Once. Benefit Forever.

Marketing is a full-time job. Let it be ours not yours. Our automated marketing solutions fully integrate with your existing BMS so you can set things up once and check back periodically when time permits for basic maintenance. While you're away, we'll be busy:

Nurturing Leads

Convert more insurance leads into clients with Pathway's automated soft and warm leads campaigns.

Saying 'Happy Birthday'

Automated Special Day email campaigns let your insurance clients know you care about their milestones.


Let monoline clients know you want to be a one-stop shop for all their insurance needs with cross-sell campaigns like Home/No Auto.

Online Reviews

Get your clients to toot your brokerage’s horn using Pathway’s Online Review campaigns to bolster your online reputation.

Asking for Referrals

Grow your online presence with well-timed email campaigns that make it easy for happy clients to give you a thumbs up on Yelp and Google.

Sharing Reporting

Track the success of all your Pathway campaigns so you can see where there’s room for growth, then share the detailed analytics with your team.

Triggered Email Campaigns

Pathway arms your insurance brokerage with automated email campaigns that simplify the way you market to leads and customers throughout the life cycle. Each campaign is seamlessly integrated with your BMS to trigger the right email at the right time.

Prospect Campaign

Welcome Campaign

Online Review Campaign

Refer-a-Friend Campaign

Automated emails

Happy Birthday Email

5 Year Milestone Campaign

Cross-Sell Campaign

Lost Souls Campaign

Right Message + Right Time = More Sales

Our intuitive automatic trigger system delivers the right message to the right prospect or policyholder at the right time helping your brokerage boost renewal commissions and new policy sales.

boost sales

Your Personal Touch is Welcome

Of course, we'll write, design and deliver your emails and newsletters. In fact, we have an expert team of copywriters and designers that know your industry and continually create effective content for your target audience. But, that doesn't mean we don't want you to put your brokerage's stamp on it.

target audience

Included with PRO Plan

Alert Clients Within Minutes

Build client loyalty with timely weather alerts and safety advice that help your policyholders take protective measures in inclement weather.

Weather Triggers


Tsunami Warning

Hurricane Warning

Tropical Storm

Heavy Rain

Lightning Storm

Blizzard Warning

Snow Squall

Freezing Rain

Significant Rainfall

Heavy Snowfall

Winter Storm

Extreme Cold

Flash Freeze

Blowing Snow

Hail Advisory

Fog Advisory

Tornado Warning

Wind Advisory

Thunderstorm Winds

Storm Surge

  • Campaigns
  • Reports

Campaign Analytics

Pathway provides detailed analytics to help you discover ways to make your campaigns a success.

See who opened your emails and newsletters as well as who shares your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest with analytics we pull from buttons embedded in your emails.

Staying N Touch


Add Valuable Touch Points with Newsletters

If you’re not connecting with your policyholders on a regular basis, you’re opening the door for another brokerage to step in and easily replace you. Show your clients you add value by sending them engaging newsletters with useful information.

target audience

Hundreds of Articles

Choose from our growing library of professionally written articles on home, auto, commercial and cautious advice.

Constant Content Renewal

With 30 new articles added to the library each quarter, you’ll always have timely articles to share with policyholders.

Upload Your Own Content

Copy and paste your own articles into the article library or sync your existing blog with Pathway to create engaging newsletters with your own content.


Self-Service Access to Digital Policies

No matter where they are, no matter what device they use, InsureVault gives your policyholders convenient and secure access to their policies, pink slips, and other important account documents.

pink slips

Digital Pink Slips

Empower policyholders by giving them the option to provide digital proof of insurance from any mobile device

Bank-Level Security

Protects sensitive policyholder information with 256-bit encryption to prevent identify theft when accessing policies on low-security mobile devices.

Lower Call Volumes

Spend less time on the phone fielding requests for copies of policies, pink slips and more by giving your clients digital access to their insurance documents.

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