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Form Builder

Form Builder

Simplify Data Collection with Form Builder

Revolutionize form processing. Boost efficiency, reduce turnaround time, and integrate seamlessly with Form Builder. Elevate your data collection strategy effortlessly.

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Customer experience

Customer experience

Elevates your customer service

Gives policyholders a complete digital experience and makes it easier for them to complete forms thanks to intuitive features like auto-fill, conditional questions, page-skip logic, and more.

Get more done

Get more done

Reduces turnaround time

Convenient one-click submission ensures you get applications and forms back faster than you would with snail mail or fillable PDFs.

2-Way Integration

2-Way integration

Integrates fully with your AMS/BMS

Sends key data back to your AMS/BMS for better data analysis and reduced data entry.

Your brand

Your brand

Customizable to match your brand

Add your logo, change the font, or adjust the template color to better fit your brand.

Listening = Great Customer Service

Great communication is not just about speaking but also about listening, and what keeps consumers from switching to competitors.

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