Our Team

We’re a group of people who think Bots should be doing more work!

Pathway Team

At Pathway, we come to work everyday to help insurance brokers solve their single biggest problem – surviving in the most competitive marketplace in insurance history. What’s clear to us is that old marketing methods don’t work. Today’s Internet-savvy policyholders know they have choices, and they’re looking for brokers to give them a compelling reason to stay loyal customers.

We do our part to arm insurance brokers with the automated communication tools they need to build policyholder loyalty while also attracting new clients.

We stay ahead of the curve by keeping a watchful eye on insurance industry trends and listening carefully to the ever-changing needs of our clients. Then, we develop the most intuitive apps and workflows to help brokerages achieve success.

We do all of this at an affordable price because we believe every brokerage benefits from the power of marketing automation (not just the agencies with big budgets).

Alek Mirkovich

Alek Mirkovich

Co-Founder and CEO

Alek drives Pathway’s strategic vision and oversees new product development as well as broker relations. Prior to creating innovative software solutions exclusively for the insurance industry, Alek launched two successful online marketing platforms, Iterro and Campayn. Both platforms are still thriving and catering to Fortune 500 companies, large non-profit organizations and influential startups.

Nick Cinger

Nick Cinger

Co-Founder and CTO

Nick oversees all things technical for Pathway. However, he prides himself on having worn several hats since the company’s inception. In the early days, clients could bump into him answering questions on the support channels or posting interesting tidbits on social media. These days, his main tasks include fleshing out technical requirements for new product features, troubleshooting with clients and their IT staff, managing our team of developers, and doing some programming if he’s lucky!