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Automated BMS Marketing

For Insurance Brokerages

A Smarter Way to Grow

It's tougher than ever to grow in the competitive world of insurance. With our automated insurance marketing solutions – tailored exclusively for insurance brokerages – you'll stay top of mind with prospects and policyholders so you can stimulate growth in three critical ways:

Convert More

Establish your insurance brokerage as an insurance authority and go-to resource in the minds of marketing leads and prospects with informative newsletters and targeted marketing emails that drive conversion.

Retain More

You've earned their business and you want to keep it. Interact with existing insurance customers using our automated tools to ask for online reviews, celebrate their special days, and even follow-up on a filed insurance claim.

Sell More

Make insurance upselling and cross-selling easier than ever using our email segmentation tool and targeted promotional campaigns to inform existing insurance customers about other product lines that are a natural fit for their needs.

How Pathway Works

Pathway provides a clear path to more policyholders by empowering your insurance brokerage with a comprehensive suite of automated marketing tools that integrate seamlessly with your current BMS and get delivered in a polished, mobile-friendly message that connects with your target audience.

automated marketing
Brokers use the BMS as they normally would
We integrate Pathway with your BMS
Pathway triggers relevant emails automatically

Convert More Prospects. Retain More Policyholders.

With so many automated insurance marketing tools to keep you connected to prospects and policyholders, we can help improve conversion and retention rates in record time. Our hands-free insurance marketing solutions include:

Follow-Up Emails

Automated follow-up emails that keep you in touch with prospects and clients

Online Reviews

Verified customer reviews that bolster the brokerage's online reputation


Acquire new insurance customers from referrals


Informative newsletters to share product info, insurance-related tips and more

Remind Staff

Automated email prompts that trigger insurance staff to make phone contact


Detailed analytics about content that interests clients and prospects

Current Growth Outlook

Getting an accurate picture of your brokerage's existing growth outlook is the first step toward improving it. Enter your numbers below for current retention, new client acquisition and average revenue per client. Then, we'll calculate the projected rate of growth over the next five years.


What Could Your Growth Be?

Increasing client retention by a few percent could go a long way in boosting annual insurance revenue. Adjust the numbers below to see how small gains in each area can help grow your brokerage.


Ready to boost your brokerage's growth with Pathway?

Get the superior insurance marketing content and automated tools you need to convert more leads, renew more policyholders, and achieve your revenue goals this year. Check out the resources below to get started now.

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Join Alek Mirkovich, CEO and Cofounder of Pathway, to explore how automated BMS marketing can help grow your insurance brokerage in record time.


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