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Mitchell Sandham Pastor Insurance

A renowned insurance broker, specializing in personal and commercial lines, dedicated to unparalleled client service, with a strong emphasis on retention and referral-based growth. Insurance Broker MSP has built a reputation for delivering unparalleled insurance value, and for Senior Exec and Commercial Broker Sam, this distinctive client relationship is their hallmark.


Manual, Time-Consuming Workflows and the Struggle for Digital Presence

That would be 20 letters that the 20 accounts CSRs have to review, and 20 letters that would be personalized for each account. It was a very time-consuming process.

  • Facing competition from digitally advanced larger insurers.
  • Insufficient resources for client touch-points post-policy amendments.
  • Time-consuming manual data processes and client interactions.


Embracing insurance-specific client engagement automation software

Pathway allowed us to match every communication that larger companies sent to our clients, whether it was a renewal or a policy change or documents, and showing our clients that the broker’s there. Pathway was our solution to staying relevant...

  • Insurance-specific client engagement automation tool.
  • Leveraged BMS data sync for precise segmentation and deep personalization.
  • Streamlined detection of coverage gaps, enhancing compliance and reducing E&O risks.
  • Cemented a stronger digital presence, especially in commercial lines.


Transformed Client Communications and Significant Time Savings

The biggest thing that Pathway did is make us very relatable to the clients, “Sam noted.” It’s a necessary tool, an affordable solution, and a great way to increase staff productivity while ensuring your clients get the touchpoints you want them to have.

  • Freed-up 1500+ total hours, achieving a productivity surge of 18.75%.
  • Eliminated delivery lags, ensuring timely client communications.
  • Drove more traffic online, utilizing automated renewal workflow.
  • Strengthened client relations and satisfaction by maintaining crucial touchpoints.

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