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ICD Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Named to honor its foundational legacy, ICD Insurance Brokers Ltd. A proud company with a rich history is now at a crossroads, navigating the balance between upholding tradition and embracing change.


Manual, Time-Consuming Workflows and the Struggle for Digital Presence

We wanted to improve customer experience, Joe emphasizes. Before Pathway, we weren’t really sending letters or effectively reaching our customers. We attempted to use an email system, but it wasn’t integrated, and given the volume of customers we had, sending out letters was both costly and time-consuming.

  • Traditional communication couldn't handle increasing client volume.
  • Risk of losing client recognition and trust.
  • High cost and time involved in sending out letters to a vast clientele.
  • Lack of workforce for consistent communication.
  • Previous email solutions (e.g., MailChimp) lacked integration and effectiveness.


Automated Engagement and Reinventing Customer Engagement with Pathway

The reach we have, sending the newsletters to our customers with a touch of a button—that’s the game-changer. And behind it all? It’s the automation. Once it’s set, everything flows smoothly.

  • Adopted Pathway for sophisticated, integrated customer engagement.
  • Rapid newsletter dissemination with a touch of a button.
  • Seamless automation integrated with ICD's systems.
  • Personalized customer journeys leveraging BMS data.
  • Consistent communication ensures that clients always feel valued.


Greater Efficiency, Amplified Client Engagement, and Heightened Policy Interest

The results were multifaceted. We saw an uptick in customer retention, renewals, and referrals. Customers became more inquisitive about certain coverages after our newsletters. Joe explains: For instance, after a particular newsletter, our CSR received numerous calls inquiring about the mentioned content.

  • Efficient communication led to deeper client engagement.
  • CSRs freed to focus on core client services.
  • The noticeable uptick in client inquiries post-newsletters.
  • Strengthened customer retention and loyalty.
  • A proactive approach has driven up client referrals.

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