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With a legacy spanning over a century, they stand as trusted brokers, always aligning choices with clients’ needs, backed by unmatched expertise and commitment—a go-to for insurance and financial solutions.


Client scale and manual processes threaten growth and exposure.

We were at a point where we had this volume of clients to take care of, renewals would come in, and we wouldn’t be able to communicate properly. It’s just physically impossible. ”Bob says,” I had to improve the process and help free day-to-day of our brokers so they can service clients and not have to do these low-value tasks.

  • Maintaining high-quality client communication at scale.
  • Time-intensive manual renewal process. Additional hiring was financially unfeasible.
  • Existing tools lacked the integration necessary for seamless follow-ups, renewals, and billing.


BMS-integrated automation software

“With Pathway there, I don’t have to worry. I’ll never miss one of my clients accidentally. I’m always on target. If the client has a renewal coming up in 60 days, they’re getting communication, no matter what.” Bob continues, “It’s writing back to Epic. Any communication you’ve sent to your client is attached to their account, centralized.”

  • Pathway’s 2-way integration ensured smooth operations.
  • Segmentation and filtering features enabled tailored communication system to ensure timely communication for renewals, reducing manual intervention.
  • Pathway provided exceptional support during the transition, ensuring a smooth experience.


Considerable Time and Resources Saved

“Pathway not only automates jobs, It frees our team to concentrate on adding value for the company. ”Bob sums it up.” Pathway exposes clients to our brand. It helps our productivity. It helps our follow-ups. It saves us money.”

  • Saved 364 hours monthly, leading to over $100k in annual cost reductions.
  • The introduction of Pathway led to an 80% email open rate, with a 17% close rate.
  • Regardless of the broker, every client received standardized follow-ups.
  • There was a 70% decrease in workload for renewals, leading to significant workforce savings.

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