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people protection

We Protect People, Not Just Data

At Pathway, we’re passionate about giving you the tools to build up relationships with your clients and protect their sensitive information. We do this all while growing your revenue, and helping you attract new business. Privacy and security have always been non-negotiable keystones of our business — the state-of-the-art measures we employ have earned us the trust of our many customers since day one.
For that reason, we strongly believe that our clients deserve transparency regarding how their personal data is stored and processed.

Understanding the challenges that have become endemic in the everyday professional lives of brokers is a must to succeed. We design our secured automated solutions so that your reps aren’t handcuffed by a worst-case scenario set of experiences.

secure data storage

Simple, Secure & Safe Data Storage

Our team intimately understands that digital disruption is here to stay, a perspective which underpins our ongoing commitment to
privacy and security.

At Pathway, we apply gold-standard industry practices to protect your information. Sensitive data, including passwords and private client information, is encrypted in transit and at rest, and the servers hosting it have hardened security and are closely monitored. We regularly review and update our systems and processes to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Privacy is Our Priority

When you entrust Pathway with your data, we ensure security is ironclad. When it comes to compliance with the relevant data protection regulations, we take the complexity and distill it down.

Our approach to data privacy is holistic in taking into account the myriad of threats that the modern customer faces. Pathway’s database only holds relevant data needed to run your automated campaigns, which is then transmitted over a secure protocol over
a password-protected link, verified, and encrypted into our database.


Network and Server Security

We are firm believers in the idea that you can never be too prepared for all eventualities. Our network and server security is designed to maximize how we protect your data.

Pathway’s application is hosted in world-class secure data centers in Canada, the US and the UK. Our servers are securely hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and are maintained to the most stringent of international safety standards.

Finally, Pathway’s network is built redundantly — including protection from DDoS attacks, keeping our developers up-to-date with the latest security vulnerabilities of each algorithm, and maintaining an IP blacklist of visitors guilty of any suspicious activity.


Keep A Smooth Flow — Flexible Permission-Based Access

Only the owner of a Pathway account has access to relevant sensitive data, but the flexibility of our systems means access can be granted by a Pathway account owner to account managers and other team members.

Wondering what the impact of robust security measures will be on your employee workflows and productivity? No need to worry. We ensure that our layered security approach protects your data, but is tooled to allow for shared work styles and ease of use.


Third-Party Validation — Targeting ISO 27001 Certification

Our team prides itself on investing in the people, processes, and technology to protect our clients’ data. That’s why we’re pursuing ISO 27001 certification, to demonstrate our dedication to managing information security according to international best practices.

Pathway’s goal has always been to elevate customer experience. In the same way that we continually grow our platform to include the latest cutting-edge features, we also know that third-party certification is the best way to provide an unbiased take on the quality of our security services.