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Affordable pricing for insurance automation from Pathway.

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Fast and automated insurance billing processes

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Save time with insurance marketing automation

Product Pricing

How many contacts with email addresses are in your AMS/BMS?

Monthly Yearly (10% off)

$995 One Time Data Sync

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Allow staff to focus on more valuable client-facing activities by automating repetitive tasks

Connection Bot
$ 449

Connection Bot is designed to enhance your relationships by automating communications and delivering policy documents

  • icon Core Features
    Automated Daily BMS Sync
    Unlimited Staff Accounts
    Send Unlimited Emails
    Reporting & Statistics
    Lead Gen Forms
    Attach files
    Segment Contact Lists
    Dispatch Email Reviews
  • icon 30-Day Onboarding
  • 10 Custom Emails
  • icon Unlimited Chat Support
  • icon Unlimited Monthly Online Meetings

  • icon Renewal Workflows
  • icon Proof of Insurance
  • icon Billing Reminders
  • icon SMS Texts (500)
    icon 500 Free SMS Texts
    icon Local / Toll Free Numbers Available


    SMS Price

  • icon Welcome Campaign
  • icon Quote Follow-Up Series
  • icon Prospect Series
  • icon Cross-sell Campaign
  • icon Refer-a-friend Campaign
  • icon Online Review Campaign
  • icon Happy Birthday Email
  • icon NPS® Email Surveys
    icon Fast Survey
    icon Triggered Delivery
    icon Net Promoter® Dashboard
    icon Real Time Reports
    icon Segment Based on NPS®
    icon Push Activities Back to AMS/BMS*
  • icon Claims Series
  • icon Lost Clients
  • icon StormVision Weather Alerts
  • icon Newsletter Articles (500+)
    icon Automotive
    icon Home
    icon Commercial
    icon Marine
    icon Life
    icon Travel
    icon Pet
    icon Cautious Advice
  • icon eDelivery (Optional Add-on)
    +$225 /month
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Introducing Pathway Enterprise – uniquely designed software for organizations like yours

  • 20 Custom Emails

  • icon Level 3 Client Success Managers
  • icon Dynamic Branding
  • icon Advanced User Permissions
  • icon Enterprise-Grade Security
  • icon Seamless Integrations
Form Builder
$ 49

Convert your PDF questionnaires, applications, and other insurance forms into convenient online forms

  • icon 30-Day Onboarding
  • 3 Custom Emails
  • icon Custom Branding
  • icon Unlimited Chat Support

  • icon Unlimited Forms
  • icon Premade Mobile -Friendly Templates
  • icon Integrate with Automated Journeys
  • icon Create New Segments Using Responses
  • icon Secure Client Sign-In from Email
  • icon Form Auto-Complete
  • icon Conditional Questions
  • icon Dashboard with Analytics
  • icon Trackable for E&O
  • icon Push Form Data Back to AMS/BMS*
  • icon Exportable Reports
  • icon Setup Completion Alerts for CSR’s
Self-Service Kiosk
$ 149

+ $749 Kiosk Setup

Self-service access to policy documents, file an auto claim, make payments and more

  • icon 30-Day Onboarding
  • 3 Custom Emails
  • icon Custom Branding
  • icon Unlimited Chat Support

  • icon Website Widget
  • icon Mobile App
  • icon Desktop App
  • icon Login from Email
  • icon Online Chat
  • icon Quote Requests
  • icon Access to Documents
  • icon Proof of Insurance
  • icon Report Auto Claim
  • icon Make Payments
    icon Direct Bill
    icon Agency Bill
  • icon Home Inventory Tracker
  • icon Roadside and Emergency Services
DataPort API
$ 100

+ $995 DataPort API Setup

DataPort API connects your Pathway account with other apps helping you automate workflows

  • icon Developer Support
  • icon API Documentation
  • icon Unlimited Chat Support

  • icon Read Contact Data
  • icon Write Back Contact Data
  • icon Read Policy Data
  • icon Write Back Policy Data
  • icon Read Edoc Data
  • icon Write Back Edoc Data
  • icon Write Back Events
    icon Activities / Abeyances / Suspenses
  • icon Actions in Flows
    icon Push custom Activities back to your BMS from within a Flow.

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