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Shift to digital insurance smoothly with Pathway's Marketing Bot

Lead insurance marketing connections with triggered automated insurance campaigns

Increase revenue with Marketing Bot - digital insurance processes streamlined

Marketing Bot brings new clients and nourish the relationship with existing ones

Digital insurance CMS for engaging cross-sell campaigns

Multiple marketing integrations with detailed analytics

Deeper connections

Deeper connections

Nurture relationships

Onboard new clients and keep them engaged year-round without lifting a finger using Marketing Bot’s triggered automated insurance email campaigns.

Increase revenue

Increase revenue

Your secret weapon to boosting growth

Marketing Bot makes it quicker and easier for you to attract new clients, retain more of your existing ones, and win back some of the accounts you’ve lost along the way.



Offer more than a single purchase

Let your clients know that you are the one-stop shop for all their insurance needs with engaging cross-sell campaigns.

Gain insight

Gain insight

Make data-powered decisions

Track the success of your campaigns so you identify room for growth, and then share the detailed analytics with your team.

Their expertise and customer friendly staff are beyond exceptional. They’ve made each step of transitioning to our new digital communication platform painless. Can’t say enough good things about them and their ongoing support.

—Chris Engbers, Delbert Smith Insurance Brokers

Right message + Right time = More sales

Find out more about how Marketing Bot can help you play the numbers game and win.

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