Product: Applied EPIC

Type: Broker Management System

Location: Monee, USA

Applied EPIC

Pathway fully integrates with Applied Epic and supercharges the agency management software to help agents gain greater visibility with clients across their entire book of business. Using this powerful integration, agents and their customer support team can effortlessly write new policies, process speedy renewals, and so much more.

Integration Features Include:

  • Edelivery
  • Conditional Merge Tags
  • Trigger Emails Using Activities
  • 2-Way Sync: Push Back Data as Abeyances
  • Questionnaires
  • Follow-up Notifications and Reminders for Staff


For more than 35 years, Applied Systems has led an industry we helped to create with a mission to continuously improve the business of insurance. Insurance agencies and brokerages have faced new challenges and demands on their businesses over time, and we have been there to guide them. Since 1983, Applied has been at the forefront of insurance technology, leading the way through innovation. As the insurance industry becomes increasingly global, we are delivering new technology and expanded multinational capabilities for this changing marketplace.

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