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Job Details

Job Location: (Remote)

Job Type: Full-time

We are a cutting edge B2B SaaS company that helps insurance brokerages and agencies in Canada, the US and the UK improve operational efficiency and growth using automation. If you’ve already proven yourself in Integrations and want to work in a fast growing SaaS company then this opportunity is for you!

Pathway is a system that relies on the steady flow of data from our clients' systems to our servers. We need a person that can help with the client onboarding process, as well as ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the integration between the different systems. This involves getting on a phone call or remote session with the client to help them set up or debug issues with the integration.

The new Integration Specialist will be given training, documentation and mentoring along the way. Every situation that has been encountered before will be part of the instructions given, and the first few calls for each system will be done with a senior colleague to help guide them. Moving forward, support will be available from teammates.


  • Understand how the integration process works with all the different systems
  • Provide instructions to clients on what their next steps are
  • Get on calls to help them set up integrations if necessary
  • Follow up with clients and their IT contacts to move the process along
  • Get on calls to help resolve any issues they may have
  • Monitor running integrations using our internal tools and reach out to clients when you notice issues

Technical Knowledge Requirements

  • Experience using “Remote Connection” software like TeamViewer or AnyDesk.
  • Ability to set up and test a Scheduled Task in Windows
  • Ability to debug issues with the Scheduled Task (meaning, knows how to Google the error codes)
  • Basic Windows command line knowledge (directory navigation, running a windows script)

Soft skills Requirements

  • Spoken and written English on a proficient level (C1)
  • Self-organized, ability to stay on top of tasks
  • Experience with documenting processes and taking notes
  • Ability to communicate with clients in a professional manner


  • Opportunity to work on a successful product - Knowing that someone will appreciate your effort
  • Fully remote work
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Young team and an environment that moves fast

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