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We are a cutting edge B2B SaaS company that helps insurance brokerages and agencies in Canada, the US and the UK improve operational efficiency and growth using automation. If you’ve already proven yourself in Backend and want to work in a fast growing SaaS company then this opportunity is for you!

Our stack

  • PHP7, PHP8 (CakePHP, ReactPHP, Laravel), MySQL, MSSQL
  • Vagrant, Docker, Nginx, Linux
  • Bootstrap (Remark theme), jQuery, ReactJS


  • Remote work
  • 30 days of annual leave
  • Paid Annual Company Retreat
  • Private Health Insurance plan after 12 months


  • 5+ years of experience as a Backend developer
  • Written English in an Advanced level
  • A completed project that can be reviewed, or being open to doing a code test
  • Experience using a Backend MVC framework
  • Ability to write a clean, maintainable OOP code
  • Experience using Git


  • Working on new projects and updating existing ones
  • Coordination with the team in order to create estimates and reach goals
  • Effective communication with the team and stakeholders
  • Involvement in shaping our project architecture

Working on a successful product

  • Pathway sends millions of emails every month and processes gigabytes of data every day
  • We enable the setup of complex highly-customizable customer journeys for policyholders, based on the data we process
  • Our Self-Service Kiosk product provides policyholders with direct access to their insurance information in near real-time
  • The platform integrates with many different systems and solves problems that our competitors were not able to
  • See for yourself how a relatively young company goes against huge established players in the InsureTech space and often comes out on top
  • Get guidance on writing Automated Tests
  • Discuss and implement best practices with your team

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