Keal Technology is a leader in the Canadian Insurance industry, offering solutions for Brokers. We are proudly Canadian, supported by our parent company Vertafore, the leader in modern insurance technology.

Our history dates as far back as 1876 with a company called Melvil Dewey who invented the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system, the classification system that still bears his name, when he was twenty-one and was working as a student assistant in the library of Amherst College. His work created a revolution in library science and set in motion a new era of librarianship. Melvil Dewey well deserves the title of father of modern librarianship selling what is now known as Broker Management Systems (BMS). In 2000, the Melvil Dewey company had gone through a series of acquisition with CGI being the latest owner. Keal purchased the BMS division from CGI in 2000.

Thanks to the vision and perseverance of Keal’s leader Pat Durepos, himself a broker by profession, he saw in Keal a company that could evolve to what it has become today; a Canadian Leader in Broker Management Solutions, delivering custom-made, reliable and functional solutions that meet the needs of Canadian Brokers in a personalized and respectful business environment.

Keal has offices in Toronto, Montreal and Grand-Falls, with remote offices located throughout Canada, allowing a local presence and support for our Canadian Brokers.





Broker Management System


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