Product: SIG™

Type: Broker Management System

Location: Concord, Ontario


Pathway and SIG™ integrate seamlessly to help brokers build and maintain strong connections with their clients for years to come. This powerful integration provides all the automated tools needed to effortlessly write new policies, process speedy renewals, and so much more.

Integration Features Include:

  • Edelivery
  • Conditional Merge Tags
  • 2-Way Sync: Push Back Data as Abeyances
  • Questionnaires
  • Follow-up Notifications and Reminders for Staff

About the Partner

SIG™ redefines the Broker Management System experience by zeroing in on the features and functions that you use every day, and simplifying them. SIG™ capitalizes on the tools that Brokers need by making them faster, more intuitive and more powerful. To learn more visit:

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